MELOMELO Wholesale - The Original Waterproof Jewelry Brand

Tarnish-free gold Jewellery for a longer Lasting Luster

In order to found a successful jewelry business in 2023, many factors come together. But one of the most important is the quality and material of my favourite pieces.

Because gold plated jewelry quickly fades over time, customers are looking for a cheap alternative that is waterproof and non-tarnish, which can also be worn on the beach or even resits seawater without losing its gold luster.

Compatible Prices for International Markets

As a jewelry wholesale vendor with its production site in Asia, we can compete with the ever-increasing costs of production and for materials, which mainly affect western countries, and can guarantee, cheap and high quality products throughout. 

From the manufactory directly to your doorstep

We have also overcome the great distance that exists between us and most of our wholesale customers. In less than 7 working days and securely packaged after your online order, our jewelry and accessories will be delivered to your doorstep with our Fedex business partner.

Make our Brand your Brand 

We offer rebranding and brand laser engraving services on all of our waterproof jewelry pieces at wholesale prices.

After you send us your brand's logo, it will be engraved onto the jewellery wherever you think fits best.

Contact us directly for more information on our rebranding service.

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