Why Start a Jewelry Business in Waterproof Niche | MELOMELO

Why Start a Jewelry Business in Waterproof Niche | MELOMELO

The demand for waterproof jewelry has increased by over 900% from 2023 to 2024. Can you imagine that? Almost 10x growth from one year to the next? The future of business lies in finding the right niche. And with MeloMelo Waterproof Jewelry you have found exactly that business niche.
March 04, 2024
Is Stainless Steel Jewelry Waterproof | MELOMELO

Is Stainless Steel Jewelry Waterproof? | MELOMELO

The short answer is YES. Stainless steel jewelry can get wet. The chromium in stainless steel forms a thin, protective layer of chromium oxide on the surface when in contact with water, making it waterproof. 

At MeloMelo we only use grade 316L stainless steel for jewelry which is hypoallergenic.  This means you can wear our jewelry safely without worrying that it will leave unwanted marks on your skin.

February 20, 2024
PVD Gold Coated Jewelry Rings | MELOMELO

PVD Gold Coated Jewelry - Does it Last?

With PVD coating a metal-ceramic surface is forming that greatly improves the appearancedurability and will get you scratch resistant pieces which are hypoallergeniclast longer than other forms of plating and are easy to maintain and clean with soapy water. At MeloMelo, we primarily plate with PVD on stainless steel jewelry.
February 12, 2024
Jewellery That Can Be Worn in Water | MELOMELO

Jewellery That Can Be Worn in Water | MELOMELO

Sweat & Ocean Proof Jewellery 

We love using jewelry to add an extra sparkle to our favourite swimsuits as we head into the holiday season, but it's hard to find affordable jewelry which can be worn on the beach and in saltwater without quickly tarnishing.

Enter: MeloMelo Waterproof Jewelry. With women in mind we created sweat and ocean proof jewellery that can be worn in water.

February 10, 2024
Tarnish-free gold Jewellery for a longer Lasting Luster

MeloMelo Wholesale | The Original Waterproof Jewelry Brand

In order to found a successful jewelry business in 2023, many factors come together. But one of the most important is the quality and material of my favourite pieces. MeloMelo Wholesale offers waterproof and non-tarnish, which can also be worn on the beach or even resits seawater without losing its gold luster.
July 24, 2023