Ok, so it's very simple. We took only the benefits of jewelry and none of the negatives and turned it into a jewelry business. You're probably wondering how this is supposed to work without the negatives. And the answer is waterproof, hypoallergenic jewelry with real 18K PVD gold coating with a lifetime plating warranty. Your customers are safe to shower, swim and even sweat and tan with our pieces. You can be sure they will love it 100%.

How much does it cost to start a jewelry business?

Everyone wants to start a business without money or with only low investment. The truth is that you always have to invest some amount of money to get something back and build a long-term successful business.

At MeloMelo Wholesale we make it very easy for our customers to do exactly that. We sell low cost, quality jewelry with all the above benefits. We ship directly from our warehouse all over the world, free of charge in less than 7 business days. To access our wholesale pricing, you need to spend less than $200 and can choose from a variety of over 1000 pieces of jewelry. We can guarantee you we have something for every style and taste. 

Is Starting a Jewelry Business Worth It in 2024?

The question of when to start a business is not always straight forward, but in the case of the waterproof jewelry niche it is right now. The demand for waterproof jewelry has increased by over 900% from 2023 to 2024. Can you imagine that? Almost 10x growth from one year to the next? The future of business lies in finding the right niche. And here we have exactly one.

How to Start Jewelry Business with MeloMelo?

To start a successful jewelry business you need several ingredients. The first is a reliable wholesaler with easy and fast communication. You can reach our customer team by email or live chat at any time and can expect a response within a few hours.

Second: Consistent quality jewelry. Our quality team checks every single piece multiple times until it leaves our warehouse. But if it happens that something does not meet your wishes or has a quality defect, we offer 100% damage cover in all cases.

Third: Unbeatable prices and free worldwide shipping. If you start a business and want to import goods from abroad, you will be surprised again with high customs duties and shipping costs shortly before you want to place your order. We at MeloMelo have also worked with our delivery partners to make this as pleasant as possible for you. We offer a free worldwide saver shipping method, with shipping times less than 18 business days. But if you need our pieces faster than that, we also offer a Fedex Express method at an affordable price and completely free of charge for our wholesale customers.

If you have any further questions or would like to place your first wholesale order, please contact us directly.


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