Jewellery That Can Be Worn in Water | MELOMELO

Sweat & Ocean Proof Jewellery 

We love using jewelry to add an extra sparkle to our favourite swimsuits as we head into the holiday season, but it's hard to find affordable jewelry which can be worn on the beach and in saltwater without quickly tarnishing.

Enter: MeloMelo waterproof jewelry. With women in mind we created sweat & ocean proof jewellery that can be worn in water. They're all made from materials that are water-resistant and non-fading, so you can swim, tan, sweat, and shower without them tarnishing.

Water Resistant vs Waterproof Jewelry

Some of these terms are commonly used to describe jewelry that can be worn in water, but there is a difference

If jewelry is considered as water-resistant, it is coated in a way that makes it difficult for water to penetrate. Electroplated gold jewelry may have a thin coating that wicks water away from the surface. These pieces will allow you to easily wash your hands or get caught in a light rain shower without fading too quickly. Water-resistant does not automatically mean that you can shower or swim with it. 

On the other hand, if something is waterproof, it is made of a material or coating that makes the jewellery impervious to water. At MeloMelo we use 18k gold PVD plating for this process. This gives the metal a ceramic-like surface so that water cannot damage our pieces, even when submerged.