What is PVD Plating?

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition ) also known as thin-film coating, is a process that is carried out in high vacuum at temperatures between 150 and 500 °C.

The coating compounds are in the form of solid materials vaporized and deposited onto the surface of a part. In case of of PVD jewelry plating - gold is blasted onto the pieces.

With PVD coating a metal-ceramic surface is forming that greatly improves the appearancedurability and will get you scratch resistant pieces which are hypoallergenic, last longer than other forms of plating and are easy to maintain and clean with soapy water.

PVD Plating vs Electroplating

The difference between gold PVD coating and gold plating is that gold plating doesn’t offer the durability of gold PVD coating and when scratched can reveal the base material. 

Gold plated jewelry doesn’t require any minimum karat weight or thickness, and tends to wear very quickly.

At MeloMelo, we primarily plate with PVD on stainless steel jewelry. Its a great choice for 'never-take-off' jewellery wearers, and those with lower budgets who want vibrant looking gold jewellery that will last.

Even big, luxury brands use PVD coating, like Rolex and Cartier. You can look it up yourself! If it's good enough for Rolex, it's good enough for MeloMelo